G12 Coolant Antifreeze -35

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Professional antifreeze based on ethylene glycol

Due to the content of an effective set of anti-corrosion additives, antioxidants, stabilizers and anti-foaming agents, it effectively protects the metals of the cooling system against corrosion, and ensures long-term durability of the rubber elements.

It is intended for use in engine cooling systems of passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses, construction machines, military equipment, agricultural tractors and stationary engines equipped with both soldered brass (copper) and aluminum coolers.

Ensures protection of the engine cooling system for 5 years of continuous use.

The product meets the following standards: PN93 / C-40008-10; PN-C-40007; ASTM D 5931-13; ASTM D 1287-11; PN 93 / C-40008-05; PN-C-4008-06: 1993 / AZ 1: 2000, Certificate of the Polish Institute of Hygiene and meets the requirements for antifreeze fluids for cooling systems of combustion engines of all manufacturers.

Available sizes 5L - 20L