Suttner - ST73.1 Foam Lances + 2L Bottle

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Check the pressure and flow rate of your washer before purchasing a foam lance as there are different sizes, see chart in photos


  • Black 1.25mm Nozzle  (Small 230v Washers / Small petrol Washers)
  • Red 1.5mm Nozzle  (Large single phase washers / Medium size petrol washers)
  • Blue 1.8mm Nozzle  (3 Phase washers / Large petrol or diesel washers)
The Suttner ST-73.1 foam lance with the 1L bottle is fitted with an interchangeable injecting nozzle and a foaming pad. By turning an adjustable grip handle the concentration of foaming agent in the water can be adjusted. The injector unit is made from stainless steel and has 5 defined dosing positions.