White Diamond PLATINUM Wash & Wax Salt Resistant Advanced Technology Various Sizes

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White Diamond Platinum Wash & Wax is a specially formulated, professional grade wash featuring Salt & Brine Resistant Technology. Our highly concentrated formula delivers unparalled suds to achieve a deep, lustrous clean on even the most contaminated surfaces. Upgrade Your Ride With White Diamond’s Platinum Wash & Wax!

Platinum Wash & Wax is guaranteed to achieve a showroom clean that out lasts the competition. Our Unique blend of detergents paired with Shine Enhancing Polymers lifts & removes even the most stubborn dirt resulting in an unparalled luster and depth of paint.

Salt is a natural Sud Stopper. Ocean spray and road-salt breaks down protectants and ultimately damages a vehicles exterior. Platinum Wash & Wax detergents withstand salt for unparalled lather during the wash, and offer’s Long Lasting Protection.

Available In 1 Litre Containers with Pull up Cap and 5 Litre Containers Supplied with Pump Dispenser.