White Diamond Quick Detailer 500ml CHERRY SCENTED

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White Diamond Quick Detail was designed for use on painted surfaces, but true to the White Diamond family of products, it is Multi-Purpose and continues to prove its many other uses. It works very well with clear coats, plastic, glass (window and mirror), aluminum, chrome, stainless, vinyl, rubber trim, and even leather surfaces.

This revolutionary product has a gentle hint of Cherry scent. Use White Diamond Quick Detail as an “in between” cleaner knowing that you are not harming the environment because White Diamond Quick Detail is 100% biodegradable. Get one for the car and one for the house to keep your leather jackets, briefcases, luggage, shoes and leather or vinyl furniture clean and smelling like new.

WHITE DIAMOND MULTI-PURPOSE Quick Detailer will clean, shine and protect all internal and exterior auto surfaces removing dust, fingerprints,mild road grime and more. Leaves that showroom “wet look” shine that will put a grin on your face and some pride in your ride