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We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with Chrome North West, which has resulted in the creation of our Official King Of The Road Exterior Kit. This kit is perfect for anyone looking to keep their vehicle's exterior looking its best, and is also a great gift idea for any car enthusiast.

The kit contains a variety of products to help you clean and protect your car's exterior, including:


* 500ml Embellish: A car shampoo that leaves your car looking shiny and new.

* 500ml Window Cleaner: A powerful window cleaner that removes dirt and grime without leaving streaks.

* 750ml Fall Out Wheel Cleaner: A wheel cleaner that removes brake dust and other contaminants.

* 500ml Ultra Tyre Shine: A tyre shine that gives your tyres a deep, glossy shine.

* 1 ltr Jelly Bean Wash: A versatile car wash that can be used on both the body and wheels of your car.

* 1 Paintbrush: Perfect for applying Ultra Tyre Shine to your tyres.

* 1 Wash Sponge: Perfect for using with Jelly Bean Wash.

* 2 Microfiber Cloths: For drying your car after washing.

* 1 Waffle Drying Towel: For drying your car after washing.

* 1 KINGS OF THE ROAD Hanging Air Freshener: To keep your car smelling fresh.


This kit is the perfect way to keep your Trucks  exterior looking its best, and we're sure you'll be impressed with the results.